vashikaran tricks/totke  :

whether  Vashikaran totke is small or large, its effects are seen in very less time. Vashikaran is the simplest and easiest solution for vashikaran. Vashikaran tricks/totke  are mainly used by salt, by hair, by cloves, cardamom, blood, by Sti, Kamia Sindoor . using vashikaran totke/trick Any woman or man can be subjugated, despite he/she is at  distance. It is very important to take care of the perfect time and place while doing the vashikaran totke process . Any wise advice must be taken prior to the vashikaran totke rituals . Air Mantras are used in different ways to do different types of vashikaran totke/tricks.

Vashikaran tricks/totke are done for  love affair, vashikaran  of boyfriend, vashikaran of husband, vashikaran of the wife, vashikaran of officer, vashikaran of minister, vashikaran of judge or lawyer, vashikaran of police, vashikaran of media, or any other person be taken into effect of vashikaran totke..

To perform vashikaran Different types of time and materials  are used for different types of vashikaran totke. You can contact our guru to know the method of vashikaran and the auspicious time to peform vashikaran totke .


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