Image result for vashikaran kavachVashikaran Armor is a very powerful and trustworthy tool for embezzlement. There is no need to be avoided after holding the embellishment armor. When all the methods of vashikaran fail, then you can use the Vashikaran Kavach. It takes too much time to create and prove the vashikaran kavach (armor).

The vashikaran kavach  holder  if place the photo of the person whom he want as his servant  should  place his photo in the armor and then close it , then he becomes his slave  , And dances on the gesture of the holder , And gives his everything to the person who hold that vashikaran .

 Using Vashikaran Kavach  you can control any person in minutes . To do vashikaran , you just have to get in touch with him whom you want to do vashikaran . Whomever wants to be captivated and he is away from you or you can not go in front of him, then draw a picture of him using a pen on a plane paper and keep the vashikaran armor on it and blew it three times. Then wrap that sheet and put it in your purse. The result will come in front of you.

 Vashikaran Kavachcha can be used for capturing anyone sitting in a far country. But here is the note that if he is wearing a protective armor then the vashikaran arm will not work. You can also get the method of vachikshan from our guru for this.

 Vashikaran  armor materials : 

The vashikaran armor is made on silver, gold, or Tamra patra . Guru Kamandali Baba creates a Vashikaran armor on auspicious time and a good time in the Bhoj letter. Inspired with the Vashikaran Armor, Durga Visa Armor, fifteen armor, Bangla Muksh Kavach, Maa Kali Kavach, Mahamrityyjaya Kavach, has been specially included. Pratikraman armor proven by Guruji is brought abroad. Because of which, voting list also up many times.

 Creation method of vashikaran armor:

Vashikaran Kavach/armor  is prepared by a well-known craftsman in the auspicious Muhurat like Deepawali, Dussehra, Basant Panchami, Navratri, Holi. After this, one armor is honored with a hundred million mantras, after which the compound is prepared with a sacrifice of twenty-five thousand Mantras. No other man Can touch the armor or with  dirty hands.


Use Of Vashikaran  Armor:

 After receiving the vachikaran armor, while keeping the attention of your  East God, kept it in the front pocket or kept in the jeans  pocket. You do not have to compose any type of worship or recitation of mantras. Now you should meditate on whom you like or whoever you want to marry, and pray for it to be subdued by the vachikaran shield. You will see that the person you wanted to get was mad in your love. You can use the vashikaran armor to control your officer too.

Benefits of Vashikaran Armor:

 Lovers of vashikaran, beloved vashikaran, husband vashikaran, wife vashikaran, boss vashikaran, employee vashikaran, officer vashikaran, sister vashikaran, school teacher vashikaran , owing to debtor, taxation of tenants, house owner conspiracy, bank manager Vashikaran, the deprivation of the police, the conspiracy of the judge, the vashikaran of the enemy, along with all other types of vashikaran can be done with vashikaran shield.


Precautions while using vashikaran Armor :

 Avoid carrying the Vashikaran Kavach to the Shamshan Ghat. If you have gone by mistake then after coming back, you can reuse it by using  clean water or the Ganges water by washing the vashikaran armor and showing the smoke deep. Similarly, if your armor is touched by  someone else with his  hands, you will have to purify the  armor  in this way. When you do not want, you can keep the vashikaran armor in the temple or in a clean place.

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