Through lemon you can kill your enemy or you can make them suffer.

बार बांधो बार निकले

जा काट धारणी सुझाये

ले बहारना चौ हाथ से

तो काट दांत  से

दुहाई भाम हवा की


Method – You must choose a deserted place for the accomplishment of this mantra. Where you can chant the mantra by being unviable. Once the place is selected, it should be rounded with smooth soil. When the chaqua pleasures go, you should sit down facing the west direction by laying a white cover on it. Now you burn a lamp of soil in front of you. The chanting should continue to burn until it is completed. For enjoyment, arrangement of pudding, pudding, ganja pills, perfumes, nuts, two cloves and lemon should be done in advance. After using it regularly for up to thirty five days, all materials except water, lamp and lime should be flowing. During chanting, this mantra is to be celebrated for one hundred eight times every day when this action is over, then your enemy starts to suffer from leaking of some nails in lemon. If you cross the tack, your enemy’s death is certain.

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