Naveen Kumar -Mumbai

Your experience With all the dreams and expectations I had come to Mumbai, I could make my position in TV and film industry. But by struggling and by the office of the director's producers, I was going to kill myself, so that one day in my neighborhood, Sharma, Akkalji asked me to give the number of Vashikaran Guru Babu Ji and ask for advice. Truly I say that at that time, I was very upset with the words of Guru Babu Ji and I spoke to his secretary, Gupta ji, on his advice, I talked to Guru Ji, Guru ji heard my point with great care and told me the solution to the problem | And soon after the grace of Guru Ji, I got a job in a T-TV serial and today I have become a successful TV star with the blessings and blessings of Guru ji. In the end, I would say only that if I die for seven months, I will not even be able to favor you. Guru ji is my adorable god. May bow to seven of them seven times.

Shubhangi - Calcutta

Dear Guruji, I am very happy to write this letter that the success which I have received in our life today. The whole thing is given to you only, that today I am not happy with the husband who is happy with her husband. According to the guru, I did all the measures and the result is that today my husband dances on my finger. And no one else can see even a foreign woman. And now he has left the liquor. There is no tension in life. Guruji, my Hindi is weak, so if there is a mistake in the letter, then I ask for permission.

Raju Bhai - Baroda

The business of diamond jewelery in our family has been running so smoothly since last three generations, but for some days the recession in business has ruined our lives, and our family has come on the road. Like us, the Arab husband also came on the road and fortune made us a beggar. There was no survival. Then on one evening Shiva got a brother in the Shiv Mandir. And they only told us that someone has done black magic on your home and business. Kanti Bhai explained that this happened to him but since he has made a remedy to remove the black magic from Guru Babu ji, his business has started moving again. Kanti Bhai also gave us the number of Guru Babu Ji. We contacted Guruji by calling on the number given by Kanti Bhai. In a few days our business began to move again with the measures taken by Guru ji. And now we are more prosperous than before. Hearty salutation is at the feet of Guru ji. Guru ji keep us in our shelter. Jai Shri Krishna, Jai Guru Dev.

Anubhav - New York

 I am writing a letter but you have brought back my life again and I can not burn it in words. But I will be indebted to you for the lifetime of my love that you have received from me. Guruji, now I have married my girlfriend and now I have a baby too. Please try to give me a name, for whom I want your blessings for Karan.

Mrs. Neelam Jain - Bangalore

Respected Uncle, you may remember that a year ago Man had contacted you. At that time I was very upset. Because my husband wanted to divorce me and he also sent me a notice. And I went into depression. Only then my father's doctor's Jain had approached you and then you had done some worship after photographing me and my husband. Uncle ji really tell me what magic did you have that my husband who wanted to divorue me only in just two hours to get me to come to my house. Today, I am living a happy married life. And I have received the son Ratna twenty-five days before the blessings of the Lord. Please keep your blessings above us

Sunil Patni -New york

I reached London on Sunday. When I came here, I met an Indian businessman and it is a surprise that he is also your disciple. Both of us brothers shared yesterday's talks with each other. With your blessing, he also arranged for the house to live in my house. I am sending you the photographs drawn with him and me.

Bhavna Gupta - Noida Uttar Pradesh

It was ten years since I got married. But on a single day, the happiness of both husband and wife has not passed through peace. I was fed up with daily wounds and everyday daily pit pits. I remember then one of my high officials asked me to contact you. And when I talked to you by taking an intervention from home as per your order, it has been seven months since there was no fight and quarrel between me and my husband. And I'm getting so strong that I did not get it in the last ten years.

Doctor Kailash Nath - Australia

It is not believed that meeting suddenly on Mal Road will be the reason for my Bhagyodaya two years ago. Never dreamed in the dream that those whom I worship as Lord, will be suddenly seen in the door of the poor. Now I pray and accept my prayer. I want to open your gurdham here in Australia. You must listen to the call of your devotee, that is my unwavering faith.