Before using the Chanting Mantra, prove it by chanting it ten thousand times. Use the material to be used in chanting 108 times.

1- Namo Kaal Rupya Amukshi Hana Hana Swaha |
2- Namo Kaal Rupya Amukan Bhasmi Kuru Kuru Swaha |

The human bone is made of powdered powder and fed to it, it will surely go into the mouth of death.

After making a powder of black coded bone, which is put on the head, sooner death is attained.

Mix the meat of the owl in the flesh of the owl and make the powder. The powder on which it is put on the head, does not survive

Owl’s feces, which is put on top with the lotus nal powders, get immediate death.
By making a black serpent fat flame in the night, it is burnt in the oil of the seeds of Dhatru, and by making a mascara in the human skull, that mascara is mixed with the five types of salts in the ashes of molasses on its body, it immediately dies |