No husband should ever doubt his wife or any other wife on her husband. Likewise, a lover or girlfriend should not doubt each other until that time there is no concrete proof. Many times it has been seen that due to some misunderstanding, the distraction goes away in the two partners’ air, and the battle comes to fight, fight, beat or break up. It is very important to note that some people are also jealous of seeing your love relationships, these people are engaged in the separation of one another from you, like doing one another’s evil, or Then with the help of Tantric method or with the help of Totka, you try to isolate yourself, and sometimes they are successful, if you have had a similar problem with you, then either you should contact me immediately or Between me

Implement the measures described by  Solution :
If the wife has any doubts on her husband, take a hair of the wife’s hair and go out of the house and burn it completely, then read the mantra written on the ashes and stomach three times with bare feet, this is also the husband Can do for his wife.

Mantra :
fat Swaha

Girlfriend and lovers abdication:
First of all, arrange a colorful photo of the one you want to disguise, and also arrange a folding glass, now you can lock the photo of the person you want to subdue and your photo inside that folding glass. Do it, keep it closed for three days. Together they chant this mantra for three days.

Mantra :

shantam papam