Home violation  has become the problem of every house today. We listen to such talks in our neighborhood. The battle is going on in his house today. Tomorrow happened in his house, if the cause of this fight is to be found, then nothing is found. Home violation makes such a bitterness in a married life that husband wife does not even like to see each other’s face. All their time passes on finding each other’s flaws. Contrition, anger, do not try to understand each other. Cutting off one another, not agreeing on anything, as if they are used to it. Life becomes like hell for the sake of life. And then the end of this hell ends on divorce itself. No hope is left over. vioaltion makes a good home a battleground. So we should avoid such small points. Home Keshash is a poison in a happy married life. In spite of this, there are many reasons for the husband’s wife. Because of living in a joint family, physical impairment in husband or wife, lack of sexual intercourse, husband’s lack of mutual understanding, lack of child, artic problems, excessive debt, familial fights, lack of family happiness.
Seven pleasures of life have been described.
First happiness healthy
Second happiness
Third happiness son’s receipt
Fourth happiness honor
The fifth happiness of Satwanti Nari and the sixth happiness of the enemy
The seventh happiness is the philosophy of God

If only a husband wants to make a family life alone, it can not be pleasant and sweet. Similarly, this is not the case with the wife alone. So both of them have to make efforts together.