1-Supari Vashikaran
Please chant the following mantra by chanting 2016 in the sun or lunar eclipse period. In the experiment, after washing a small beetle with the Ganges, by offering him auspicious time, whatever food he has given will become in control.
In the mantra, the name of the desired woman was written in the place of the other.
The mantra is as follows.

Namo Apsara Urvashi Supari Kamgar Nigari Raja Parja Khar Piyari Mantra Reads Bangu

If you do not do anything, then you will not be able to do anything like this.
Word Stamp Body Kancha Phiro Mantra God Save

2- Flower vashikaran 

Understand the following for 10 thousand times. Then on Sundays, by offering this bouquet to a flower seven times, anyone who gives it to anyone. He will be in control of you.
Namo Chamund Jai Jai Vashmanai Jai Jai Sansetiva Namah Shiva.

3- Salt Vashikaran 

With a little salt, on the day of Thursday, with a given mantra, you should eat seven times a day, and if you give it to the man or woman, it will be in your lifetime.
(In the Mantra, the name of the person who has to draw on the place of Goddatti)


Bhagwati Bhagav Dyani ‘Devadatti’ Mama Vasyam Kuru Kuru Swaha