If you are not ready to listen to anyone, even if you are not ready to listen to anyone in your house, in the husband’s wife, in the father’s son, in the brother-in-law, the mother-in-law, the mother-in-law, the sister-in-law, sister-in-law. , We are telling you a simple remedy for vashikaran, which you can do by adopting anybody.
Today’s era is of great excitement, every creature is anxious, excited, because the reason is suffering unnecessarily, there is intermittent pull, everyone blames each other, the son is not married, the mother-in-law begins to suffer a lot. That is, the work gives the tension to bring dowry, and the other does not leave any difficulty in comparing the multiples of the other. At the same time, it is bad for the mothers of the daughters of the bride, because of which there is a quarrel in the mother-in-law, some mother-in-law does not give up after doing Tantric action to control her son. By controlling the son in his own way, he also takes a lot of different types of oppressions himself, and also raises his son to oppress him on many occasions.
It has been seen now that when Bahu/daughter in law came home, the house was made hell. The son who once respected his mother, father, brother, sister, changed his eyes as soon as wife came. Even if the parents are sick in the house, she is not worried, she tries to keep her wife happy by giving her a grief to her parents.

Solution :
On the first Friday of the Shukla Paksh , the woman of the house rose early in the morning and cooked chapatti rice before sunrise, rice can be any, and you can cook on anything. Once the rice is cooked, let it cool down, then add some sugar to it. Keep ghee mixed rice on the remaining bread of the night and go out of the house to feed any cow. Greet the cow, then come home. This measure should consistently perform five Friday.


1- This experiment must be before sunrise

2- From rising in the morning, the cow is forbidden to speak until it returns to rice

3- The cow should be walking in the street.

4- do not look back while return to home

5- It is necessary to take measures till Friday five broken without breaks