1- Vasikshan from Tilak.

On any day in the morning, go to Hanuman Mandir and worship Pooja. Then, chanting Chandal on the head and chanting the following mantra from there, any woman or man who goes to her will be under your control.

In the Mantra, write the name of the desired woman or man at the place of the place


Hanuman of Mother Anjani May you obey me! Pooja, De Sindhur Chadau, ‘Amuk’, give him rizhao.
This place is your glory. Come on, when it comes to May. Do not come, then pray for King Ram. My work,
If not come, then Anjani’s bed will be done.

2- Planting of plants.
When Sunday or on the day of Diwali, speaking the mantra given to the red-colored Erand’s plant, he took one hand in the same shock and brought it to his house. Then by whipping it small pieces, by sparing 21 times by the mantra, anyone who touches you will be in control of you.

Namo Kaal Bhairav ​​Kali Nate | Black came in midnight. Walk away queue | You are brave hero But with the woman, Rakha sir. Let the chest edge make the waco. Let the world sleep! Sit down and sleep The Godfather of God True name is of the Order guru.