Some relations are such that they are broken after being formed. If you want to re-associate such a relationship, but your lover or girlfriend, or your wife or husband is ignoring you, then in order to subdue you, may you tell me a very simple but powerful tatka I will get back to you, the one who loves you, and that too for a lifetime. This experiment has not only been used by our disciples who have been living in many countries of India and their love has been recovered from them. This remedy can be done by the mother to control her children. This is a triumph of ours, even if one’s spouse quarrels, even if you beat him, this remedy is very successful.

Experiment Method:

On whom you want to control yourself, on Monday night, the red sandalwood on the green leaves of bananas were written by its finger finger. When the ink is happy, then grind it and make as much tablets as it is good for its name, after making the tablets, keep them in red cloth and sleep for three nights continuously. On the fourth night, Throw the locks in front of his house or put it on the crossroads. Of course for which you have taken this measure, it will be in your control and will go into its behavior.