This measure is done for the wife to make her relationship with her husband or husband with his wife normal. In the given mantra, the husband or wife should use each other’s name.

ॐ नमो महा मोहिनी माया शक्ति जग – मोहनी

शक्तिधारणी( अमुक ) को वश में कर
If you want to subdue your life partner, then in some way get a bunch of her hair. Now put the root of this hair in the pure wines of this hair should be in the wine and the remaining part should remain outside. Now put ten gram kapoor  in this wine.

Now, in a detained place, meditating of your life partner, keep the alcoholic laden under the secret place. Now every day, chant the above mentioned mantra for twenty-one days. chant the mantra one hundred twenty-one times a day. On the last day of the chant, pray to accept your love affair with your life partner. Your life partner will endeavor to live happily with you.