Vashikaran: Is A Tantric Process Which Is Used To Solve Any Kind Of Problem-Related To Husband, Wife, Boy, Girl, Love. Vashikaran Mantra Plays A Big Role In Getting Your Dreams Come True.

How To Do Husband Vashikaran: When A Woman’s Husband Is Not Friendly With Her Or Is In Control Of Other Women, Then The Woman Should Constantly Chant This Mantra For Twenty-One Times. After Forty-One Days, This Mantra Is Proven To Be Energised , After That Whatever Saree The Woman  Wishing To Wear On Her Body, Chant The Twenty-One Times This Mantra, With The Aforementioned Spell, And After That, Wear That Garment And Go To Her Husband, Then The Husband Will Be In Control Of That Lady, And Will Never Even Look At The Other  Woman In The Right Way.

husband-wife relation problem solution: the husband-wife relationship is like two souls with same feelings. when this feeling gets disturbed, the chances of missundersatnding and communication gap increases. before it too late we should find the solution otherwise it can lead the relationship to an end. our baba ji is world famous husband wife relation problem specialist he has solved million of cases in which matter was proceeding the court and was in the last phase of divorce. baba ji stopped the divorce and given them the new life to live with each other.

ॐ अभित्वा मनुजातेन दधामि मम वास्मा |

यथा सो मम केवलो नान्यासाम कीर्त्याश चा |
2-The Jap Of This Mantra Written Above Should Start In The Pukhya Nakshatra. A Husband Or Wife Is Used In Place Of Such. If The Husband Uses This Than Wife’s Name , And If Wife Uses Than Husband’s Name  Should Be Taken. Sit Down On The Pure Place In Your House And Chant The Mantra Of  Maa Bhagwati Or Place The Idol Of The East God Or The Incense Lamp In Front Of The Picture. The Mantra Written Below Should Be Proved/Energised By Chanting Twenty-One Thousand Times. When Chanting The Mantra, Which Is To Be Subjugated, One Should Place Some Clothes Under His Seat.
It Is A Useful Mantra Whose Effect Establishes Love By Removing The Mutual Harassment In The Husband’s Wife Life . And The Life Of Both Becomes Indivisible.

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    ॐ ह्रीं ( अमुकम ) में वशमानय आकर्षण स्वाहा |

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