Mantra to finish  enemy :

Sometimes Enemies hurt you from behind and sometimes from front . Enemies can be of the house and also outsider . Dealing with enemies is not an easy task . The enemies hurt us both physically and financially . In order to subdue the enemy, some proven mantras are given in our scriptures, by which you can get rid of them by subjugating your enemy. And you can make it for a lifetime. It is very necessary to prove it before using the Mantra. Mantra is proven in the eclipse period or in the auspicious time of Deepawali, Dussehra, holi . The siddhi of the Mantra should be done only in the care of a qualified and experienced Guru.

Enemy Vashikaran mantra should be performed when there is only your enemy is present in front of you      , otherwise  at any silent place where only you can do mantra chanting .  this mantra is very powerfull that once you recite that mantra your enemy will not be able to run away from its effect. Before performing enemy vashikaran mantra you should get well knowledge about how to recite and when to recite the mantra .

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