Black magic is a mental illness without physical illness. The person affected by black magic considers himself smart and the other is stupid. Fast fast The loud laughs loudly. Food supplements are high. Becomes addictive etc. Fighting with the family strikes the strife. A new disease is set on fire, and the doctor can not even catch the disease. There is no disease in the test report. But the disease of the person affected by dark magic goes on growing everyday. Sometimes stomach disorders, accidents, sometimes suddenly become unconscious, shouting at the time of sleep, the person affected by black magic sees bad nightmares while sleeping, while it is common for some women to come to bed and do the wrong thing. Is there. It is only the identity of black magic that women’s womb falls suddenly, without a child’s being, or fighting a fight with husband-in-law. Black magic not only physical but also economic or psychological damage. As the business does not stop, the sale in the shop stops suddenly, in the factory or factory, suddenly the workers move on strike, suddenly or suddenly the fire occurs at home or work site. The wife suddenly leaves the house and goes away. Or the husband or wife may have to stay separate.