1-If a person walks faster than usual
2- Speaking loudly when speaking
3- The fight on talk matter quarrels
4- Meals more than double food, yet she is hungry
5 – kills wife or children
6- Parents speak abusive language
7- Breaks the house ware
8- Refers to bathing
9- wears torn old clothes
10- consumes alcohol or drugs
11- Creates relationships with strangers
12- Does not work at work
13- Wasting money in gambling, lottery, betting
14- You understand the worship or prayer of God as hypocrisy
15- The person whose fate is not giving up
16- If you miss the job frequently or do not get a job
17- Trading is constantly falling
18- Do not get the loan repaid
19- The debt burden is increasing
20- Drugs do not affect

So you should understand that any enemy has made a black magic over that person or woman. Now May, you are telling a simple but effective method, which can be avoided by the use of black magic.

Solution :
In the Ashwini Nachhtar, bring the nails of the next step of the black horse and prove it with this mantra.

‘Namah Shamshaan Vasini Bhootadinam Pailanan Kuru Kuru Swaha’

After this, putting the nails in a vessel of pottery, making powder by making powder, eliminates the effect of black magic.