The first solution – On the Sunday day, at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, first sit in front of north or east direction on any plank or post. Now, no member of the house, taking a broom or paddy powder, salvage the victim seven times from the person and keep the victim in the head. Now, the same member, seven times before his left foot shoe, should be repaired and reverse the time spent by throwing the ground, and sniffing the same shoe every time. By doing so, the person suffering from the effect of black magic becomes free.

The second solution – By coaxing the coils or roots of Basil, Tulsi leaf and black pepper, by proving them with the following spells, it becomes healthy by filling the victim.

mantra :  Namah Samshan Vasin Bhutadinam Pallayanam Kuru Kuru Swaha

Third remedy: Make a tablet of a dog with urine prepared by a dog and make a talisman in his throat and he will be free from black magic.

Fourth remedy – By collecting together the seedlings, bunions, Mundi, in equal equal parts, which grows in the urine and it gets cured by smelling the victim of black magic.