The memory of black magic suffers from weakness. The effect of black magic is mostly in the afternoon or in the night. His heartbeats continue to grow. Amnesia begins. Tours happen. There is a terrible disease like sugar, heart, kidney, liver. Tuberculosis, not visible from the eyes, frequent toilets, vomiting of blood, mother-in-law, and sometimes due to hard attacks or paralysis. The victim’s hair becomes white only, the length does not increase, the body becomes lean, the food is not drunk, sleeping sickness or the unconsciousness is the main identity of black magic. In the house where the lamp is not burnt for a long time or where people do not live for a long time, either by going to such a place or by defeating them there is also a person suffering from black magic. Many times it has also been seen that people who are jealous of the unbreakable relationships of husband wife, set fire with the help of black magic. Women do not have children, or they die as children. His koch is tied up using black magic. Shop sales almost end up. The locks hang in the factory. The debt burden goes up only. Children’s education is interrupted, they fail in the examination. Enemies become hobbis. The neighbors burn. Auspicious work is interrupted. Pooja text, do not feel in mind, wife or husband is talking about talk.