Babu ji astrology hand line ( hast rekha ), tantra, mantra, yantra, shagun upshagun, dreamfund, numerology, reiki, yoga philosophy, religion, spirituality, kundalini, life science, hypnosis, vasikaran, kill enemy ( maran mantra), marine science, gem – rudraksha, brahmavidya, paraloka Science, Telepathy, Autobiography, Shabar Vidya, Prohibition of obstruction, Ageless Tantra, Mantra therapy, Acupressure, Touch therapy, Pranayama, Karma Kand, and Rahasyam Shak Ion is a proven master |

Along with the common man, the well-known politician, industrialist, player and film stars of the country, along with the elite and well-known personality of the upper class, take advantage of Babuji’s supernatural divine powers. Big – big politicians and wealthy personalities live take guidance from time to time Babuji |

Astrology, spirituality, Eschatology, named Babuji in the field of architectural and enchantments is not dependent on the introduction today | By making constant efforts of the oldest mystical Rahasmya Vidyavas, making it simple and useful for Jana Manas has become the only mission of Babu Ji’s life.

In the middle of the prosperous business iconic family, in the middle of the Indian culture and traditional culture, the seed of religion and spirituality flourished inside it. In Baba ji, Babu ji had absorbed the religious texts available with Vedas and Puranas, including Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Qur’an, Bible, Guru Granth Sahib.