Mantra –

खंग मारे कालिका , भुजंग मारे भैरव , झंड के मारे दुर्गा , कहे अलमस्त , वो ही पस्त , जो मुझको सताएगा |

For any accomplishment of this mantra, in any night on Saturday, when someone’s body is burning in the cremation ground, then go near to the crematorium and take off all the clothes in front of the burning pyre and sit down. Likewise, barely stare at the pyre for some time. After that, continuously chant the above mentioned mantra till sunrise. When the sunrise begins, bowing down to the chita and taking the coals and ash from it, wear clothes and come back. Now, with the soil of the enemy’s feet mix together with pita soil , make a dummy  from the soil. yellow soil should be arranged . Now put the statue on coal  & cover it completely with coal. After this action, the coal should be burned  and the chanting of the mantra should be started. As the image will be satiated, the enemy’s body will also suffer and suffer. As soon as the pot is completely hot, the statue will break, the enemy will die.