Vashikaran Guru Babu Ji is the best Vashikaran and Maran and Tantric. That is, Guruji is the Vashikaran King. Till date, any vashikaran or Maran experiment done by Babuji has not got any bite. Guru Babu ji challenges that if he has given any tantric cut to his vashikaran then he will get a reward for his wish. While Babu Ji has so far cut the illumination done by lakhs Vashikaran Guru or Tantriko, Babu ji is the uncaring ruler of Vashikaran, bringing Vashikaran Vidya first in front of the world. The characteristic of Guruji is that it only acts through photos, mantras and rituals. Guru ji does not use any kind of black magic or any other method of disarming the body during the Vashikaran Kriya. Guru Ji has used more than one lakh abstractions so far, which has been successful. When Guruji’s Guruji has done about 25000 successful captives so far. That is why Guru Babu Ji is called the father of Vashikaran. And all the tantrikas of Dunnia, Vashikaran guru, bow in the heart of Guru Babu ji.

Prayer is not heard every time. But sometimes our work gets proven by worshiping only once. God comes running only once by giving voice. After all, what kind of magic is there in those words that God melts? Prayer should never be empty, how to wake up in it is the secret of nature. It is very important to know.
It is said that there should be expressions in the prayer instead of words. But there are some rules of prayer also. When we come to demand, do not see what is necessary and what is not necessary. Just reach the demands. There are some limitations to demand. Inappropriate and unnecessary demands are only a waste of time.
When there is sadness in life, do not sit in the presence of the world in front of him. Find good and true guru. That will tell you the way.

There is no big attraction with a smile. Lord Rama Ho or Krishna, Gautam Ho or Mahavir were the main reason for the attraction of all the faces, their smile, whenever we suffer, we also try to have a smile on our faces. With this our mind will also be stress free and we will be more comfortable.


Explaining the glory of Vashikaran Mantra in Shri Charit Manas, compiled by Tulsidas ji, it is said that the mantras or the Yantra are very small in size, but it can also be subjugated to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. This little Mantra can also do Gajraj. In order to achieve the fulfillment of Vashikaran Kriya or to achieve fulfillment in Vashikaran, the seeker must be master of Tract teaching. As soon as possible the system seeker should wake up in the morning, and after retiring from daily actions, he should perform sadhana in a quiet place at a secluded place. Because meditation does not get concentrated in the presence of others. There are three types of trace movements.